I began teaching at a young age, and have always considered it a rewarding undertaking, something to accompany and embellish my own development, rather than a chore. Over the years, I have grown as a teacher and have been fortunate to teach in a private setting, in academic institutions, and abroad. I've traveled everywhere from South America, to Europe and Asia to teach masterclasses. I take pleasure in teaching people of all levels - the fun comes from seeing my students improve, no matter what level they are starting at. I don't teach according to a preconceived structure or system - rather, I tailor the lessons to whatever the student needs when they come to me. 

My students are not limited to pianists and organists. I teach improvisation and composition on many instruments. Currently, my students include guitarists, bassists, pianists, organists and vocalists. Lately, I have been teaching a few students on Skype as well, and have been surprised at how effective that format has been!

One thing I've found over the years is that even the best teachers and best students are not always the best fit for each other. If you are interested in taking lessons, feel free to send me a message at sam@samyahel.com and we can schedule a lesson to see if we are a good fit!